Three-arm dryer for tubular radiator, length 50 cm, Color on order

Manufacturer:RYBA, s.r.o.
List Number:25-03-SV350/barva
Availability: Na objednávku
Price excluding VAT:528 Kč

639 Kč

- Dryer for 3 towels, length 40 / 45 / 50 / 60 cm 

Racks can be placed on straight and curved bathroom ladders.

- As standard we deliver glossy white, other colors see "Colors"

- Write another color in the note at the end of the order

- The package contains all the necessary components for installation

- Easy mounting, clamps assembled, instructions included

​- The free ends of the tubes during assembly can be oriented to the left or right

- On request, we supply fixtures for straight ladder (specify in note)

- Goods shipped in recyclable packaging

- Dryers are our quality Czech product